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XVI World Congress Of Arrhythmias
IX Argentinean Congress Of Arrhythmias

Noviembre 2-4 2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center
website arrhythmias2019.com

Cronograma de charlas sobre Synchromax©

TimeTitleSpeakerLocation and Modality
10:30Frequent relation between AV nodal reentrant
tachycardia and premature ventricular complex of the right ventricle outflow tract. Role of the alteration of neuro crestal cardiac cells migration.
Dr. Juan AboyFoyer Monitor 3
E Poster 1031
11:15New tools for the optimization of implantable devices.Bioing. María Eliana RappalliniRetiro B
11:45Septal stimulation: ECGs and EGMs.TPC. Nicolás ManganiRetiro B
12:30New technique for disinfection of implantable device generator pockets.Dr. Juan AboyFoyer Monitor 1 E Poster 1047
14:15How to evaluate bi-ventricular synchrony during
the implant.
Dr. Daniel OrtegaLibertador C Disertation
15:00Hisian pacing for left bundle branch block after morrow myectomy (Session E).Dr. Raúl EtchepareRetiro B Clinical Case 0024
16:00Correlation between electrocardiographic parameters of electrical dyssynchrony and the echocardiographic Tissue Dyssynchrony Index (TSI) in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (Session C).Dr. Oswaldo GutierrezFoyer: Monitor 6 E Poster 1172
8:30Radiofrequency catheter ablation in the anterior interventricular vein of premature ventricular complex of the left ventricle summit.Dr. Juan AboyCatalinas
Clinical Case 0025
10:30Usefulness of ventricular sense response in
last-generation CRT devices.
Dr. Analía PaolucciFoyer: Monitor 7
Poster 1160
10:30Synchromax II® Evaluation and optimization of electrical dyssynchrony index in patients with CRT.Dr. Analía PaolucciFoyer: Monitor 7
Poster 1169
10:30EP findings about conduction in Brugada sme and its behaviour with para-Hisian, non-conventional biphasic waveform pacing.Dr. Ariel Gerson RevolloFoyer: Monitor 17 E Poster 1187
10:30Para-Hisian stimulation technique guided by non-invasive electrical synchrony method.Dr. Emilio LogarzoFoyer: Monitor 1 E Poster 1184
11:00Do all pacemakers with leads implanted in the right ventricular apex have electrical dyssynchrony?Dr. Analía PaolucciRetiro C Oral 1167
11:00Synchromax II®-Guided implant and follow-up of a pacemaker lead in the apex of the right ventricle to prevent electrical dyssynchrony.Dr. Analía PaolucciRetiro C Oral 1168
11:00QRS normalization with para-Hisian stimulation guided by non-invasive electrical synchrony method in patients with electrical conducion disorders.Dr. EmilioLogarzoRetiro C
Oral 1219
11:00Para-Hisian stimulation for Brugadasyndrome treatment.Dr. EmilioLogarzoRetiro C
Oral 1175
11:00Book: Heart Failure: Disynchrony and Remodeling.Dr. Raúl Garrillo yDr. HugoVillarroel-ÁbregoLibertador C
12:30Electrical synchrony evaluation in patients with LBBB candidate to CRT using electrocardiographic variance non-invasive methodDr. Analía PaolucciFoyer: Monitor 1 Poster 1086
12:30Correlation of electrical synchrony index by noninvasive method (Synchromax II®) versus invasive method.Dr. Analía PaolucciFoyer: Monitor 1 Poster 1161
14:00Synchromax II® analysis pf QRS in patients with conduction disturbances to demonstrate dyssynchrony.Dr. Analía PaolucciRetiro C Oral 1170
16:00Resynchronization therapy responders guided by non-invasive electrical synchrony method,Dr. Emilio LogarzoRetiro CE Poster 1163

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